A beer is a good friend,
An animal is a good friend,
A dog, or a cat that you adopt, alone, in your house,
But people
People are only interested in what you have
And they are not real friends
I mean, not everyone, but most
I feel more appreciated by my cat
Than from some of my “friends”,
My so called friends
My fucked-up friends
Those friends that leave you alone in the middle of the street
And don’t care how you come back home
Those so-called-friends.
A dog will stay at your side
A cat too
A beer
An icy cold beer is a good friend in a sticky-hot-summer-day
But people will smile at you, give you a hug, and then, let you to rot
They will give their back on you when you most need them
Friends Friends Friends
I want to believe in real friendship
But I’m starting to loose my faith
(on them)

(first poem) to Tygra

I’ve got a little tiger in my house
a she-tiger
furious and wild
her paws full of love
my house is her jungle
her toys, the savage beasts that she hunts
Tygra, my little baby, jungle princess
I’m so happy I rescue you from the streets
and gave you a place to be
Tygra, wild, strong
You killed
the monster,
You killed
the loneliness in me

Love you !!!