I don’t know …


like a bird without his wings

I don’t know to where turns the wind

I don’t know to where sing the trees

I don’t know

to where take my feets

maybe your bed is the best option

for the grey days


(… if only your bed

 was real …)

No se


como un ave sin sus alas

no se para donde gira el viento

no se para donde cantan los arboles

no se

hacia donde llevar mis pies

tal vez

tu cama sea la mejor opcion

para los dias grises


(si tan solo tu cama


Last Dance



Let’s dance

an infinite vals

the ritual of life and death

turning real in my bed

with your hair dyed red

and your pale skin

in silk wrapped

Let’s drink the blood of the elders

Let’s turn 

into God and Goddess

in our last

black ceremony

A poem to her


I’m in love with her

last destiny of every man

Morpheus’s Sister

beautiful lady dressed in black

deep eyes.

A cheap ank

hanging in her neck

and her aura

infinite spirals.

I beg her every night

to come and take me to her realm,

But she

whose lady that she is

is making my soul



Camina conmigo, de nuevo

Cuando te miro

y veo la poesia de tu cuerpo

perfeccionandose con el paso del tiempo

Recuerdo viejos dias

en los que eramos jovenes

y estabamos locos

y no nos importaba nada

Nuestros dias pasaban mirando el cielo

encontrando formas ancestrales en las nubes

observando el mar

experimentando con la realidad

como si fuera un plastico flexible

que podiamos moldear a nuestro antojo

Ahora, cuando veo tus ojos

el tiempo no borro el salvajismo en ellos

el mirar-atraves-del-futuro

que es nuestro presente

las olas golpeando dentro

y mientras las lagrimas se asoman a mis ojos

tan solo dame tu mano

y camina conmigo

hasta la orilla de nuevo

Walk with me, again

When I look at you

and I see the poetry of your body

perfecting while the time passes by

I remember old days

when we were young

and crazy

and we didn’t care about anything

our days passed watching the sky

finding ancient forms in the clouds

staring at the sea

experimenting with reality

like if it was a flexible plastic

that we can mold at our will

Now I watch into your eyes

the time didn’t erase the wildness in them

the stare too long at the future

that is our present

the waves crashing inside them

and while the tears arrive to my eyes

just give me your hand

and walk with me

up to the shore again



31 day blog challenge, day 21 …

Your 10 favourite foods


(in no relative order) :


1. Seafood, squids, octopus, prawns, etc.

2. Asado

3. Flan

4. Hot pancakes with lot of caramel

5. Steak

6. Ham and Cheese tart

7. Shauarma

8. Humus

9. Cheeseburger

10. Gnocchi


Well, those are my 10 favourite foods,


thank you for reading