Loving a stranger (dedicated to my wordpress friends)

I had never met you and I will never meet you
I know I love you

I passed you in the street
Our eyes found each other
Without repairing who you was / who I was
I know I love you

In the party, our bodies were sweating
My saliva mixing with yours
Inside our mouths, our tongues dancing
To the rhythm of the song,
I never knew your name, and I will never know
I know I love you

I visited your tomb
I leave flowers in the place,
Yellow and blue
With thorns on the stem,
I don’t know who you was, or how you had lived your life
I know I love you

I had read your poetry on the net
I never knew your name
Nor I saw your pic
And, most probably, I will never meet you in life
I know I love you

The purest form of love
Is to love someone
That you don’t know

12 thoughts on “Loving a stranger (dedicated to my wordpress friends)

  1. This is so spot on of how i feel too! The mental connection is so much stronger than any physical one and i totally understand your feelings towards people you have never met and probably never will.
    Have a great weekend, dear.

      • Oh, i know you were referring to your followers in general. And I’m so honoured to hear that you feel more connected to me than maybe some others. The feeling is mutual!

      • I’m glad to know that …

        You know, that’s strange, how we can feel some connection, or attraction to someone that we never saw and probably will never meet. But, the idea of the other, in our head, make them feel, in some cases, even more friendly and close than some people that we know in person. The anonymousity (is there a word like that …?) create some kind of intimacy, that, if you think about that, only exist in an spiritual form, or abstract form, or platonic form, or how you want to call it … Oh, I’m just divagating …

      • I was trying to write about that a while ago. What is that connection, that makes two (or more) people to connect on this emotional/spiritual way? Because virtually you cant see them, you get attracted to words and sentences and thats such an unexplainable amazing thing!

      • Yes, is like if the spirits can connect. It happened to me, too, to know people through the net, and then, when I meet them, it’s not the same. Is like, being in the other side of the computer, we permit ourselves to expose our feelings a bit more. But, we expose our feelings to an idea molded by our own head, our parameters about what we want the other person to be.

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