This shadows are
So confused
There are terrible feelings and
Catholic spits
Christians dead
All over the floor
And vodka
I’m puking
Over your mother’s bed
And the wine is not enough
It’s a rough party
Porn movies turn us all
Gang banged twins on the carpet
Hardcore games
Punk rock, Deathrock, twisted music on the stereo
Blue pills made me
I masturbate to the closest star
And cum
Over the chaos of my wasted-youth-memories

American Vampire Vol. 1

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American Vampire start publishing on March 17, 2010, and the first hardcover collection of AV on October 5, 2010, under Vertigo. It is the first creator-owner series of Scott Snyder, and it counts with the participation of Stephen King (in the first 5 issues). The artist to this series was Rafael Albuquerque.

The book is split in two stories :

. the first story, happening in 1925, is about a girl that want to be an actress, the girl name is Pearl Jones, but things don’t go as she expected, and what happens will affect and haunt her for the rest of her life.

. the second story,  happening in the old west, is about an outlaw, Skinner Sweet, that is turned into a vampire. Let’s say, without spoiling too much, that Skinner Sweet is the principal character of the series.

– points : it don’t add nothing new to the vampire…

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I remember me

stinging like a wild dog

scared and unclaimed

wounded and bleeding from my ribs

in my mouth

a bone, a rat , a kiss

in your mouth

red lipstick


I remember you

Wild like an Amazon

owner of yourself

sensual, sassy , hysterical

Your sex ensnaring me like the spider to the fly

(wrapped in silk )

Whimsical , voodoo queen of ancient lands ,

What would I not do to have you back in my arms

and kiss you

and dry the tears hidden in your eyes


We were so innocent

so cute walking down the dark streets

at the night of the desert

You, with your glamor

I , with my homeless poetry

The lights over us

and in your hair, a crystal crown

shining , brighting



I went so far

as to get you hurt

our bodies flagellated

cut , bleeding

our soul and our love



What would I not do, my ethereal angel

to have you back in my arms,

My Genesis , my biblical goddess

if only I could change the past

and do it all again , knowing the consequences …


( … Every love that is remembered


      a sad story )


… and my tears on the keyboard

… and my heart served on a silver plate

as an offering to you

my voodoo queen of ancient lands

my Goddess


Blasphemous images

Echoes of a prehistoric silence
Between your eyes and mine

Red ice, red waters
A waterfall of blood running

A wounded childish-
Memory :

Me at the door, you
(without watching back)

A hug that I wait like some people wait for the Messiah :

Spiritually empty
Soulless cramp

Godless eclipse
Armageddon, nuclear war

Every start have an end,
Religious nightmare : Hail the antichrist !