I wish I could tell you who I’m
And that you
Give me a chance
To know you

I wish I could write something that isn’t sad
But I can’t
Because my soul is wounded
And bleeds eternal blood

I wish you could see me with a smile,
Or, that you could see me at all
But I remain invisible
Hiding in the shadows

I wish I could let go my fears
Of losing you
That doesn’t even exist

I wish I could write good verses
But I can’t
Because I’ve got no talent
I’m the useless idiot in the world

Purim, days of partying …

I’m empty
In the inside
I have no heart
Nor feelings …

… This is the time of the year
Where everyone is partying
Dressing up
Who they fantasize
To be …

… But me
I have no heart
Nor feelings
I’m useless
Like the sun
In a raining afternoon