Living life through fire / Denying the father

Darkness fill the room

fill my heart

as I breath

I’m living life through fire

I’m in the middle of nothing

where I’m something

I’m king.

At the beginning of the century a man died

He resembled me of shadows,

of castles in the sand,

This man worked the dust

his breath smelled of alcohol

tobacco and whores.

If I could

I did play music with his bones.

He is buried in the earth.

The picture of him leaving

is buried in my soul.

Hungry of you

I’m starving again

sitting in my bed

with nothing to eat.


I’m hungry of you, my love !

your heart is all I want

your heart in a plate

of silver and gold

Your passion

Your soul

Feast me in you, baby

red wine

drinking your blood

your soul devour.


And with nothing else to eat

I will lick your bones

to appease my hunger

for you, my love.




Waves 100 feets tall.


My ship is drowning in the middle of the ocean.

my companions are all dead.

I hear the sirens’s song.

calling me home.





waiting to have their dinner.

their feast of blood and flesh.


waiting for the dark.

to take my soul.

my body.

forgotten in the heart.

of the magnificent.



The way of the soul

In the stones
The soul dreams

In the plants
The soul awakes

In the animals
The soul feels

In the humans
The soul thinks

Continuous circle
Of born, death, & born again

We are the childrens of the infinite
We are made of stardust

Astral travel

I talk in dead tongues

for noone to hear,

I scream in sacred fear

to the stars above.

My spirit flies

through the vast starry night,

the old serpent is preparing

the trap for me to fall.

No one is here,

no one is there,

it’s a ritual

of one young man.

I scream to the stars

in sacred fear,

I join

the deaths in their tombs.

The graves open

and let me pass

through deadly fields

where I have no come back.

And I walk

with head held high

with nothing to fear

away of my past,

my future is uncertain

I don’t know what I will become

I enter in the deepness of the jungle

of the lost dead souls.

There I see a light

waiting for me to arrive

wheter it’s God or Devil

is not for me to know

I stand in the eternal shadows

watching life above.