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20 facts about me (wow, 20 … )


1) I’m 30 years old

2) I was raised in Argentina, I get born in a city called Mar Del Plata (the most beatiful city in all the world), it is actually a port, with lot of sea and smell of fish all around the place. I really miss that place.

3) When I was a child my dream was to live in Mar Del Plata

4) I went to Buenos Aires, Cap. Fed., when I was 2 years old

5) My fathers get divorced at that time

6) I write from my childhood. I remember to start to write an adventure story, with lot of resemblance to Indiana Jones … It get lost. I want to read it again.

7) I had my first girlfriend when I was 18. She was a lesbian, called Laura. The thing is, before I started to date Laura, I dated a girl for one week called Romina, we separate after one week, and she started to date Laura, they separate after 1 month and I started to date Laura. We were together for 4 months

8) At the age of 18, I kissed a boy for first time. It was in a party of a Laura’s friend. There was Romina too. We started to kiss and make like kind of an orgy, this boy (that I don’t remember his name), Laura, Romina, and me.

9) I liked to consider myself bisexual. Now I’m not  attracted to boys.

10) At the age of 18 I started to smoke marihuana. It was in the University, I knew a girl whose name was Paloma. One day we sited there, in the back of the uni. and it was like a forest, she told me : “I’ve got a present to you”, and she get out a little wooden box with marihuana inside. She made a joint and it was my first time smoking. It felt like getting laid.

11) I started to smoke tabacco when I was 23.

12) I quited smoking in february 2013, after 9 times of leaving and coming back to it

13) I’m more attracted to black or brunette girls than  white girls … I like the colour in the skin …

14) I wear mostly black

15) My favourite food is tart of ham and cheese

16) My other favourite food is seafood

17) I usually fall in love after one or two dates (… yes, I know, it’s not too much wise to do that, but I can’t stop  my feelings …)

18) My favourite drink is cola

19) I want to travel to Japon, India, Thailand, Petra

20) I was in Barcelona once for two days and I felt in love with the place


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31 day blog challenge, day 1 …

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My most recent pic. But it’s a bit outdate, now I’m growing a bear and I’ve a bit more hair … 

I’m Leonardo, Leo, I’m 30 years old and I have no future. I like to drink and to write poetry, I like to hang out and go to sleep early. When I’m in a good mood, I’m the happiest man around. When I’m in a bad mood, well, just be away from me, I can drive you to suicide.

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update : a most recent picture of me 



No. 55

Daniel :  It’s sound sooo no deep ….

Me : Why do you want it to be deep ? … it’s full of tits !!!


(talking about an anime show : Queens Blade)

Hitler’s Daughters (24/05/13 dream)

I went in an excursion to the Hitler’s Daughters’s House. They were precious, they were 3 blondes from 16 to 21 years old. I felt in love with one of them. They weren’t nazis, in the contrary, they were comunists.

The Hitler’s grandmother (another comunist), told me that she was sorry for what Hitler made to us, the jews.

I thought that if I marry one of the daughters our son must be called Hitler.

(note : I’m jew, and I hate nazis …)

Blue again

I’m feeling blue


I’m feeling a deep loneliness

filling my heart and

an obscure sadness running through my soul,

is like the sun don’t want to shine over me today and

my own shadow evades me,

is like my life is an old hotel haunted by

dusty suicide children and

abandoned fetus at the the highs of the mountain, 

is like the autumn’s leafs are crying a silent lament to the

cold wind and the trees are 

killing themselves,

is like nothing really matters and

the only road 

is dead


(note : I’m cyclothymic, my mood can change from a deep depressive sadness to a maniac happiness in a second … the poem reflect how I felt in the afternoon, around 19, 20 … now I’m feeling ok, I’m not sad, I can even say that I’m happy …)