Along Came a Spider

Along Came a Spider




Some toys of my collection …


Too much drunk (a night at the street)

Much drunk too come home
Sleeping on the street much
Drunk too come home


Some people have no heart ( an scene for the day-to-day street life)

I didn’t wanted to write about this,
But, I think
Maybe sharing what happened yesterday
Will quit from my mouth
This bad smell.
It was not a big thing,
Only, a very disgusting thing
Something that made me think
Some people have no heart,
When this happened
I wanted to punch the man in the face,
I observed the reaction of the victim.
A man was selling
In the street
Some artifacts, cheap ones, but
The ones he could afford,
He was from person to person asking, offering
Trying to sell,
Nobody buy it,
At this, a man, with his wife and his teenage son,
A rich man he seems,
Asked the seller how much for a musical toy
I couldn’t hear the seller’s answer
But, the other man,
The rich one,
He started to scream at the poor man :
“Even if you give me this for free
I did never buy this piece of crap cheap shit”
And continue walking
Feeling superior,
The seller was in shock
He say something in Arabic and continue walking
Trying to make some money to bring home,
This scene
Break my heart
I wanted to punch the rich man in the face,
Surely some people have born
without a heart.


Loving a stranger (dedicated to my wordpress friends)

I had never met you and I will never meet you
I know I love you

I passed you in the street
Our eyes found each other
Without repairing who you was / who I was
I know I love you

In the party, our bodies were sweating
My saliva mixing with yours
Inside our mouths, our tongues dancing
To the rhythm of the song,
I never knew your name, and I will never know
I know I love you

I visited your tomb
I leave flowers in the place,
Yellow and blue
With thorns on the stem,
I don’t know who you was, or how you had lived your life
I know I love you

I had read your poetry on the net
I never knew your name
Nor I saw your pic
And, most probably, I will never meet you in life
I know I love you

The purest form of love
Is to love someone
That you don’t know


Lo mejor de Salto al reverso (favoritos)


Hola, lectores y autores de Salto al reverso.

Aunque tarde, es hora de conocer las entradas favoritas de la semana pasada, elegidas por ustedes. Hubo bastante consenso así que las mencionaré por el número de votos. Pueden ver todos los comentarios a los favoritos aquí (y muchas gracias por sus votos a mi entrada, los aprecio muchísimo).

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4 Tu amanecer… Roberto Cabral
3 No me digas no, por favor Chojesús
3 Hazte disfrutólog@ IkramBarkala
3 Fresca fruta andreascorbutti
3 Letra… Enrique Urbano
3 Esta fuga de mi mismo Carlos Efron Mur
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H.P. Lovecraft

I am
Sitting in my room
And I think I will,
I will be the messenger
I will bring cosmic gods to this world
I will open the gate
For the great

(Note : this is a tribute to one of my favorite writers)



Los mundos que esta chica crea con sus palabras son simplemente hermosos.

Rotze Mardini

Tambores resuenan al compás del vaivén de caderas, ante la atónita mirada del príncipe de arenas. La dama de la noche observa a la mujer del velo, danzando como cobra seduciendo a su presa.

Arqueo de caderas y brazos serpentean, cautivando al caballero de oriente. El ritmo de la melodía aumenta y un velo desliza dibujando las curvas de una ninfa. El viento seducido por la odalisca, enreda los oscuros cabellos trenzados en hilos de oro.

Cruce de miradas, duelo de fieras, y un vientre ondula al unísono de la exótica sinfonía arabesca. Brazos que alzan rindiendo homenaje a la luna… La ninfa parece volar.

“Entre dos mundos me encuentro, en mis venas llevo parte de ti, parte de mí. Dos culturas opuestas, un solo corazón y un solo sentimiento”.


Arabian Nights


Harem – Belly Dance

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