A Letter To C.

Since we left apart

our ways too distant

your feets

your perfume

your insanity


my memories are like flowers in ashes

in fire they stand

mercury through my brain

and in some place Saturn wait

our arrival

our sacrifice


You was my sphinx

my moon

my agony

In you I lived

in you I found a house

( a bird that never learned to fly )

In you I was alive


You thought of yourself too much

I didn’t care

I don’t really care

right now

but you thought you was the sky

and all the clouds that there are


Since we left apart

nothing really changed

nothing at all

only that I no longer feel

( I turn myself in stone )

but your wounds

are as delicious as before


A house without a door

a park without trees and joy

an ocean without waves

a night without stars


while you was famous

I was fucking with my thoughts.

untitled No. 3

Worship the Fire,

the spirits dance

in Kaos

shrouding us all.


Worship the Moon,

the wolves chant

in darkness

a ghostly song.


Worship the Stars,

reflecting in the ocean

the scream of thousand dreams

drowned with broken toys.


Worship the Darkness,

where no dirtiness

nor weakness

can be seen.


Worship the Words,

the feeling of souls

that can’t be silenced

that refuse to be abandoned.

untitled No. 2

Do you think I have time to write ?

Do you think I have time to draw ?

To make a life ?

To breathe ?


Work is killing me

I need vacations

I need money

I need a nasty teen that open her legs

to me


I need to be inside


and in between


Draw to live

Write to breathe


but I’m holding my tongue

and choking myself

No. 7

“… I was thinking something cool to write here, but that’s the only thing that came out of my mind, that and a big monstrous drilling robot with four legs and seventeen eyes that is jumping over my wife’s bed”

untitled No. 1

I call the Silence

I take what’s mine

(that which is not mine)

I mutate into words

Eons cross my body


I fall like a shooting star

like supernova

engulfed in fire

I fall into your bed


between your legs