Dios !!! Las odio !!!
Lo peor es que no se las puede eliminar,
Ahí estaba, sobre la mesa de la cocina
Una cucaracha gigante, roja, con las patas peludas y duro caparazón,
Trate de matarla pero se escapó
La muy turra, se escapó,
Y ahora tengo que dormir,
Mi casa es chica, un solo ambiente, la cocina y la cama
Todo junto
Y ese monstruo rojo andando por ahí
Dios !!! Las odio !!!
ahora no puedo dormir …

4 thoughts on “Cucarachas

  1. oy vey! I can so relate, I hate those suckers! My skin is crawling now. Hope you got rid of him/her. Very amusing post Leo! Would like to have been a fly on the wall.

    • Jaj, yeah, cockroach are disgusting. The thing is, I live in a house, not an apartment, and they enter from outside … I will need to call to an exterminator and finish with them before summer. And summer is soon …

      • Good luck with this…I once had an infestation of german roaches that came in in paper grocery bags in an apartment that I rented when I was …well, years ago. I eventually had to move…:-).

      • Uuuh, that sounds disgusting … Jej … My house is on the floor, and outside I’ve got an abandoned building, and another building that is in construction, so, yeah, at least I didn’t see any rat, yet … Ughhh, rats …

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