31 years old …

Hi, we are at 25/ 05 at 00:00, and that means that my day begins. And what a day !!! Today is my birthday, I’m officially 31 years old. I can’t believe it, 31 … Wow …

In my birthday last year, I just stay home, in bed, hearing radio from Japan, and at night I went to work.

This year, I’ll go to eat with my mother, and in the afternoon to study.

I don’t use to go party, but, I have something to ask for all of you. Look, I did be glad if you make my day, just write me a poem, or some verses … or something. Feel free, who want, to do it. You can send it to me to my mail : lrtb1983@gmail.com

Thank you for reading my blog.

Much love.

17 thoughts on “31 years old …

  1. hey happy birthday wishes this year to u, & excpuse me an forgive my remarks @ the wolfs page 😦 it jest bumms me out she had to play a game against my life here for a dollar er 2 more 😦 thought it was about love and honest poetry but well her poetry honestly became against men me and the werld so, whatevr , bexos 2 u from Q again i apologize !

      • is okay nothin to weery bout anyhew,,,da blueangelwolf knows da score,,,her loss,,,her financial gain etc etc,,is her deal, should have not commented under ur name over there but is what it is, okay take care over an out frum Q aka mike in colorado 🙂

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