31 day blog challenge, day 20 …

A difficult time in your life


Right now. I think it is one of my difficult times. Even when I try to be possitive about my future … I know that there is not future (it sounds dramatic but it’s sadly true).


Another difficult moment was when I was 24, I was living alone in Tel Aviv and I get disconnected from reallity for one month or something like that … I was totally lost, due to the mix between drugs, anti-depressants, and alcohol, and the thing that I broke with the girl that I was dating … It was, I think my most difficult time. 


Another was when I came to live in Israel. It was difficult too, I missed my country too much and didn’t wanted to stay here. Something curious, last year (2012), I came back to my country after 9 years, and the first thing I wanted to do was come back to Israel. Even when there is a lot of things in this country that I dissagree, I prefer to be here and not in Argentina. 


Thank you for reading.

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