31 day blog challenge, day 21 …

Your 10 favourite foods


(in no relative order) :


1. Seafood, squids, octopus, prawns, etc.

2. Asado

3. Flan

4. Hot pancakes with lot of caramel

5. Steak

6. Ham and Cheese tart

7. Shauarma

8. Humus

9. Cheeseburger

10. Gnocchi


Well, those are my 10 favourite foods,


thank you for reading

31 day blog challenge, day 20 …

A difficult time in your life


Right now. I think it is one of my difficult times. Even when I try to be possitive about my future … I know that there is not future (it sounds dramatic but it’s sadly true).


Another difficult moment was when I was 24, I was living alone in Tel Aviv and I get disconnected from reallity for one month or something like that … I was totally lost, due to the mix between drugs, anti-depressants, and alcohol, and the thing that I broke with the girl that I was dating … It was, I think my most difficult time. 


Another was when I came to live in Israel. It was difficult too, I missed my country too much and didn’t wanted to stay here. Something curious, last year (2012), I came back to my country after 9 years, and the first thing I wanted to do was come back to Israel. Even when there is a lot of things in this country that I dissagree, I prefer to be here and not in Argentina. 


Thank you for reading.

31 day blog challenge, day 18 …

The meaning behind your blog name



I wrote about this in the past, in some post, but I’ll write about it again. 

Majberet is an hebrew word : מחברת, that means notebook. In the beginning I wanted to call my blog simply : cuaderno (the spanish word for notebook), but the name was taken, the same in english, so I take the easy way and wrote it in hebrew, instead of thinking of a new name.

That’s all the mistery behind my blog’s name.


Thank you for reading

31 day blog challenge, day 17 …

What is your most proud moment


I don’t have one most proud moment. There are moments that I want to live again, like when I was 18 and finished highschool. In that time I knew a lot of crazy people and experimented a lot with life, sex, drugs, anything that interest an 18 years old. Then I came to Israel, when I was 19 and it was the beginning of a long depression. But, even in these depression there are moments that I want to live again. When I look at my past, I was even happy, and I was proud of myself. I want to come back in time, yes.

31 day blog challenge, day 16 …

So, for today :


What is in top of your bucket list ?


emm, sorry, but :


What is a bucket list ?




Thanks to Heart that told me what a bucket list is. So, my bucket list :


. Visit Japan

. Go to live in a Buddhist Temple and become a Tibetian Monk

. Publish at least one book of poetry

. Read a lot of books that I need to read

. Hear a lot of music that I need to hear

. Watch a lot of movies and series that I need to watch

. Get married

. Have children

. Improve my economic situation

. etc., etc., etc.


Thank you for reading

31 day blog challenge, day 15 …

Yesterday I wasn’t able to be here, so today I’m doing double challenge, for yesterday and for today


(yesterday) Timeline of your day


every month is different, this month timeline is :


Sunday : free day, that meanst that I don’t work and I sleep till late, sometimes 12 hours, sometimes 14 …


Monday : I wake up late, and try to sleep the more that I can, at 22:00 I go to work, till 7:00, when I come home and go to sleep


Tuesday : the same as monday


Wednesday : the same as sunday


Thursday : I wake up at 10:00 and close the clock alarm, come back to sleep till 11:00, and close the clock alarm again, but this time I program it for 13:00. I wake up at 13:30 and I’m late for work, from 15 to 23 I’m in my work and then come back to sleep


Friday :  I wake up at 5:00 (after sleeping only 4 hours) and go to work from 7:00 to 15:00. I come home tired and go to sleep, or stay in bed. At night sometimes I go out with friends, but most of the time I go to sleep


Saturday : the same as monday and thursday


(note for myself : I sleep too much … good night)






31 day blog challenge, day 14 …

First of all, let’s say that I don’t feel like writing today. I’m in one of my down-mood-days, without energy and pessimist. Kind of depressive. I want to sleep. But, let’s make an effort and made the challenge of today :


If you won the lottery




(money, money, money)


First of all I did pay my debts, that’s first. Buy two houses, one of them I did rent, and the other for me living there. I did buy a Harley, too. Go to study in the university. Make a travel all around the world. Invite all my friends (that aren’t too much) to party and drink till we are death. Get more tattoos and cover ups …


… those are the things I can think at right now. 


Thank you for reading.

31 day blog challenge, day 9 …

What are your worst habits


. I think, my worst habit, is that I spend too much money in things that I don’t really need.


. I sleep too much, when I sleep, because there are nights that I can’t sleep (like yesterday).


. I used to smoke, but I stopped in february.


. I don’t like to curse.


. I don’t drink too often, but when I drink I drink to black out (thinking about that, I need to stop doing that).


. I never had a fight.


I’m a good boy, or at least I try to be