Libertad de expresion

Tengo que dejar fluir las palabras

no puedo apresurar una oracion

ni ejercer violencia sobre un verso

no puedo crear poesia

si no tengo libertad

libertad de expresion y libertad de expresarme

sin miedo a crear y dejar salir mis pensamientos

tejiendo letras en la hoja blanca


La tinta mancha mis dedos


Mi mayor obstaculo

soy yo

… and the writer’s block continue

Ok, how much, one week, two, three ? and I can’t write, I have nothing to say and my mind is like switched out. God, it makes me want to hit my head with a hammer to see if there are some ideas still alive. I write, but it’s not good and I don’t know how to finish it.



this writer’ block is taken too much time       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to my self-indulgent Writer’s Block

Try to force the words to go out

is like when you need to shit and it’s stuck in your stomach

is like when you need to vomit and it’s stuck in your stomach, too

try to force something that don’t want to go out


I need to find them, tie them with chains and move them


they weight like one thousand tones

and they are bad

they are not helping me 

to find them out

they are hiding

in some writer’s block

they resembles children playing

hide and seek

only that my mind 

is a vast place

for them to hide

Writer’s block


It passed some several days and me without writing, is like ideas don’t want to flow through my mind, is like I’m drained of them, is like …


I miss the all-days-writings, I miss when I wrote 4 or 5 poems a day, I miss … I miss …


Days of writer’s block are walking my way …


(I’m F*cked !)