Drinking passion

I like to drink

what can I do ?

just sit and enjoy my next drink

of whiskey, beer, or wine

I don’t like vodka and the “white drinks”

I can have from time to time

some gin and tonic

but, I prefer beer


or wine

the most dry

the better

and I use to drink



I want cheap sex
And cheap wine

And to paint my heart
With the color of the night

I want to be invisible
I want … I want … I want …

I want
To disappear

Empty Town

There is nothing in this town,

empty as a heart without love,

the only thing that is here to do

is to sit in a bar and drink alcohol,

beers go

beers come

chaser of whiskey and 

a glass of wine,

When you realize that this town is dull

(as an idiot son that the fathers don’t want)

is when you start to worry

about how to fill

the space

between night

and day.

I’m not a hippie

I met a girl the other day
some hippie that I used to fuck

when she was 16

and I was 21

(it’s legal, I’m not a pedophile)

added her in the facebook and tried to talk to her

(while I imagine how I did nailed her to my bed)

She don’t want to answer

even when the other day she told me

that she love me and

I proposed her to marry me

(Ok, she was high on drugs

while I was vomiting the wine)


I think

the problem is

that I’m not

a dopehead peace lover.


Drunken dreams

Yesterday I get out, to drink. I called to a friend and we met in a bar near our house. It started good, me with my stuttering, he with his … whatever-he-do (I don’t know). We started to drink. I drank two glasses of red wine, 4 liters of beer, and 2 vodka. Yes, I was drunk. Before we pay, I get up and went to the bathroom. I fell. I fuckin’ fell between the tables. Goddamit !!!. That is my last memory. I can’t remember how I get to my house, how I undressed, and how I went to bed. I can’t remember. But I remember my dream :

I dreamt of a beautiful blonde teenage girl, with short jeans and tattoos all over her legs. I felt in love instantly. I crossed the street to talk with her, but she entered to a car, a big-expensive-car (like a porsche, or a ferrari). Well, I continue walking to my house and I saw some boys with hoodies covering their faces, hacking the electricity. I watched and I told to myself : What the fuck ?. I continue walking to my house and I found lot of comic books, Spiderman, Thor, this kind of stuff.

Then I waked up, in my bed, half naked, with headache, without the comic books, thinking about the blonde girl of my dream.

It was a pleasant night, I hate to lose control, but when I lose, well, I just lose it. I try all the time to be in control of myself, and I put a lot of pressure on me. So is good, from time to time to lose control.

update: Ok, now that I’m sober I hate myself for being drunk yersterday, my body hurt for the fall, I need to search a job, I don’t want, I don’t, I feel stupid, I am, I swear to myself : I will not be drunk again …

(…yes, of course)

She Dreams

She dreams of a bed with roses,

a pool of gold,

bones of fame,

her own wax sculpture in the museum,

She dreams of Jupiter and Venus

and Mars too,

She is all but Shadows

She is not,

She wears the sky

after the big bang,

She dreams of forests,

She dreams of unicorns.



I dream of the cheap wine

and the sad whore

that I consumed