… did you, ever ?

Did you ever felt the void filling your chest,
the tears choking your throat,
the anger’s fire burning your cheeks and ears ?

Did you ever felt the loneliness covering you, your heart, your bones,
or the cloud in your mind delaying your thoughts ?

Did you ever felt … Did you, ever ?

Untitled No. 21

I feel the urge to cum
over the poetry of your body
your (vaginal) lips that tell me of Sappho
the wasted road of your hips
your tits like mountains, honey mountains, and
I’m an explorer,
I submerge myself in the sea of your purple fluids

You are mine tonight, the stars in the sky watch you and envy you
because your are mine
everything can happen
we are ethereal
our hearts pumping blood + adrenaline

A circle of saliva around us
and in the middle of the night
I name you
Queen, Goddess
of nature

I’ll not remember you tomorrow
but tonight
we are one, one body, one soul
communion of the spirit

But tomorrow
you’ll be another empty memory
in the longing of the void

Keep the streets empty for me (Poem inspired by the song Keep the streets empty for me, by Fever Ray)

Keep the streets empty for me

where void is at war and

ghosts float through the asphalt


Keep the streets empty for me

’cause I’ll burn down the city

’cause I’ll dance with decadent abandoned flames


Keep the streets empty for me

Keep the silence screaming my name

Keep the memories haunting my spirit


Silence overwhelms me,
extends around me like
missing air at infinity
and chokes me,
drives me crazy.
My will battle with my eyes,
and in the center of my chest:
a void so immense
that is full.
My head works slowly
like a robot that has to be oiled,
and my feet are tired
of all the miles I didn’t walked.


[My place is

..[a big colorless hole


….[by Silence