Hell is a place on Earth

They were three
Aged seventeen
They were in front of me
Taking their junk food order
While I was waiting
Waiting they never go
Their asses were perfect
Their faces …
I did fuck them, the three of them, yes …
The food arrived and they went to sit outside,
It was my turn to order :
“Give me a double Mc Royal, big chips, and a big soda”
The food arrived
I went to sit outside, in front of them
The seventeens with big and perfect asses
I watched them
Chewing, swallowing, laughing,
I don’t know if they saw me
I had a hard on
The moment was sacred, like watching the Virgin Mary naked
They were shining, their bodies telling :
“Come, fuck me, cum over me”
The moment arrived
I finished my food and stay there some moment
Lost in my shorts
Then the phone rang
I felt
I felt from the chair
While I realized, once more
That hell
Is a place on Earth.


As I see in the streets
The young men and women,
In their play of seduction
Trying to look all
Grow ups
The young men
Trying to get another trophy in bed
The young women
As I see them in the streets
I really want to come back in time
To be their age again
To play that game again.

I watch them through the glass door of my work,
I believe
In my time
A single person was watching me and thinking
The same