… did you, ever ?

Did you ever felt the void filling your chest,
the tears choking your throat,
the anger’s fire burning your cheeks and ears ?

Did you ever felt the loneliness covering you, your heart, your bones,
or the cloud in your mind delaying your thoughts ?

Did you ever felt … Did you, ever ?

Walk with me, again

When I look at you

and I see the poetry of your body

perfecting while the time passes by

I remember old days

when we were young

and crazy

and we didn’t care about anything

our days passed watching the sky

finding ancient forms in the clouds

staring at the sea

experimenting with reality

like if it was a flexible plastic

that we can mold at our will

Now I watch into your eyes

the time didn’t erase the wildness in them

the stare too long at the future

that is our present

the waves crashing inside them

and while the tears arrive to my eyes

just give me your hand

and walk with me

up to the shore again



Love Song

We drop letters to the dark

ocean of 0’s and 1’s,

We are strangers even when

the same passion unite us.


Where are you driving so fast ?

Take me with you to

the end of time.


Let’s wallow in ashes, let’s

forget who we are.


Wrap me with your passion,

If I fall

will you please get me up ?


I’ll write about your tears, you

will write about my smile.

Let’s fly with the angels

to the infinite and back.