Untitled No. 21

I feel the urge to cum
over the poetry of your body
your (vaginal) lips that tell me of Sappho
the wasted road of your hips
your tits like mountains, honey mountains, and
I’m an explorer,
I submerge myself in the sea of your purple fluids

You are mine tonight, the stars in the sky watch you and envy you
because your are mine
everything can happen
we are ethereal
our hearts pumping blood + adrenaline

A circle of saliva around us
and in the middle of the night
I name you
Queen, Goddess
of nature

I’ll not remember you tomorrow
but tonight
we are one, one body, one soul
communion of the spirit

But tomorrow
you’ll be another empty memory
in the longing of the void


This shadows are
So confused
There are terrible feelings and
Catholic spits
Christians dead
All over the floor
And vodka
I’m puking
Over your mother’s bed
And the wine is not enough
It’s a rough party
Porn movies turn us all
Gang banged twins on the carpet
Hardcore games
Punk rock, Deathrock, twisted music on the stereo
Blue pills made me
I masturbate to the closest star
And cum
Over the chaos of my wasted-youth-memories


I want cheap sex
And cheap wine

And to paint my heart
With the color of the night

I want to be invisible
I want … I want … I want …

I want
To disappear

Lust (you’re extravagantly mine)

Lustful words
full of incense and kisses
Your lips painted red fire
and my body burning with passion,
Our sexes rubbing.

We whisper at each other ear
words that we will never forget
incomplete verses,
I say:
you’re extravagantly mine.

Your skin, your breast, your innocent vagina
That I devour with words
distant as the stars
in the mists of the horizon.


In some sacred temple
we sacrifice our bodies to the saints
those saints made of wood and dust
whose eyes
are dead
in front of them we blaspheme
while our bodies
below the smell of incense
moaning in the candlelights
enjoy ourselves
and with the cross we masturbate
in the name of
Jesus Christ our Lord
and Mother Mary,


I watch them
Playing, screaming,
Having a good time,
The blonde and
The brunette and
The ebony
Mostly of them
I watch them while I think :
God, if only I could be their age,
To have one of them
But I’m old
An old fuck
With nothing better to do
That write a poem about
I’m begging for new flesh
Innocent hips
Lips like candy.
But my big lust
Is not up
To my reality.

At dawn

At dawn

with the flames dancing near our bed

your naked body is a poetry

an offering to Mother Nature

that fill our soul

and with your hair scattered in my pillow

I whisper to your ear

incomplete verses.


_ This girl wants you,
he told to me,
she was 17
I was 18.
Some days after she phoned me
_ Hi, do you want to go to a movie ?
_ Yes, I said
We met
But we didn’t went to the movie
we rented a movie and went
to her home
_ I need to pee
I told her
When I get out of the bathroom
she was on a really sexy dress
The movie started
She sits between my legs
I kissed her
_ Hey, we came to see the movie
she told me
_ Yes, of course
I told her
She jumped over me
_ Take off your clothes
She said
I started to suck her off
We fucked in the balcony
All the passersby were watching at us
I cum in her ass
I never saw her

since that day