Summer skies

Sexy girls walking

under summer skies


Breathing the same air

as you and me


Sun shining

in their golden skin


Their long legs dragging

the eyes of all men and

[some women too


They walk haughty and sensual

inviting to sin


I don’t know what sets the earth on fire :

[the summer sky or

[the half-naked teen walking down the street

untitled No. 7

Your caress, my skin. Your velvet, my sex. The two of us wallowing in

ashes. Our world: pure illegal. In precipices of eternity you kiss me.

Your kiss as death. Your kiss as insane. There is no fear between us.

(… Your mouth, your skin, your sex). Night. Paris night in the city

of candles. Our light and our music: our words. In my bed our

tongues. Your touch hurting my body. Your touch of tiger. So sensual

everything. I penetrate your body and you’re not there, I look

for you in a line, I look for you in gold dust. Despair. I extend my

fingers and grab you. You come back smiling and talking, you talk of

stars and moons, and Venus. You promise me Morpheus : Saturn. Night.

Night of you in the city of candles.


From the sky Saturn look at our spring. Heart girl and two rainbows.

Melancholy present of some party. Our bodies fly with wind waves. Your

gaze, lost in acid. Some DJ forward a summer, autumn, winter, and

spring again. All of us submerged in Dreams. And Lucy. Lucy in the Sky

with Diamonds. Lucy is a whore, like you and me. Shine orgasma : Lucy

wrapped in orgia. Now the shadows are three, three floating in dust:

you, me and Lucy with diamonds.


White powder

Liquid Dreams


Illegal love


Seven colors for the three of us

Seven colors that we steal from the sky

from the rain

from the words


You’re so girl. Lucy hits you. She hangs on your penis and choke you.

She just want me. I just want you. And her. And Saturn from the sky:

rains melody of crystal sperm. A poem is longer, has no end. Your penis,

mine, and her vagina. Your vagina with diamonds. And in some place the

Beatles play. Your hands and her. Kisses of you two. Kisses of us

three and we dance all night long. In ElDorado I found you, you looked

so good, you and your feathers: pink & blue. Rainbow flag and a rag

doll. A marble and a rag doll. That’s what you  are: rose sky … blue fire … And crimson thorns.

Passion Play



a circle of saliva surrounding us

The sky breaks

with our sharp screams

The ocean turns to fire

Everything around us


Passion play

whips exploding in your flesh

blood fall

your skin so red

scorpions in your hair

fur’s sounds

in the air

Hell is dividing

in a million lights

The sky fall

in his knees

and start to suck

your life out

Aborted dreams

of never existed lands

Leather words

writing themselves in sand

Corpses revolving in their tombs

masturbating their dead bodies

with God’s bones

The world turns black

shadows dancing in the walls

Thousands candles

electric souls



our hearts consuming

with the lust of love.