The search for love … Blah, blah, blah … Blah, blah, blah …

The search for love is so difficult
You need to choose the right words
the right attitude
the right action
the right moment

Only to get to know
At last
That all that you did
all your damned efforts
It was all wrong
All in vain
And start it all over
Wishing this time
Have a better
While you see the whole world
Walking hand in hand
And this big blonde butt
Moving left to right right to left
Making your loneliness

Little glitter thing

Something shinning in the dark
Like a strange ruby
From out of this world
I, obviously, want to catch it
But every time I get closer
It gets away from me
And now it seems like thousands of kilometers between me
And the glitter thing
An ocean of distance between us.

“Little precious thing
Stop shinning
Making me wish
For you,
Stop !”

It’s night now and
A sweet caress makes me conscious
Of my feelings,
I search for my heart
Only to understand
That the little glitter thing
Came out of my body
Get away from me.

Sleepy thoughts

Another 8 hours sitting in the chair
That goes down every 5 minutes
Today I decided not to drink
I want to get away of the bottle
When I’m drunk I act like a stupid
It’s not that I’m not a stupid but
When I’m sober I somehow can hide it
I need a girl
I’m too shy to search for one
I’m afraid of the NO
Of doing the clown
That’s one of the reasons why I drink
To free myself
I like to live
But I’m walking close to the lady in black.