To Nya

If I tell you that I like you
What will you say ?
I don’t know how to continue this trip
to your heart
That I started some time ago,
And, this game is getting bored
As some puzzle where you can’t find
The connecting piece

And, if I tell you that I like you
What will you say ?

I think, I will continue
In silence, and keep my heart

Camina conmigo, de nuevo

Cuando te miro

y veo la poesia de tu cuerpo

perfeccionandose con el paso del tiempo

Recuerdo viejos dias

en los que eramos jovenes

y estabamos locos

y no nos importaba nada

Nuestros dias pasaban mirando el cielo

encontrando formas ancestrales en las nubes

observando el mar

experimentando con la realidad

como si fuera un plastico flexible

que podiamos moldear a nuestro antojo

Ahora, cuando veo tus ojos

el tiempo no borro el salvajismo en ellos

el mirar-atraves-del-futuro

que es nuestro presente

las olas golpeando dentro

y mientras las lagrimas se asoman a mis ojos

tan solo dame tu mano

y camina conmigo

hasta la orilla de nuevo

Walk with me, again

When I look at you

and I see the poetry of your body

perfecting while the time passes by

I remember old days

when we were young

and crazy

and we didn’t care about anything

our days passed watching the sky

finding ancient forms in the clouds

staring at the sea

experimenting with reality

like if it was a flexible plastic

that we can mold at our will

Now I watch into your eyes

the time didn’t erase the wildness in them

the stare too long at the future

that is our present

the waves crashing inside them

and while the tears arrive to my eyes

just give me your hand

and walk with me

up to the shore again



Letter to a woman that I don’t know yet

I want to see you. Time is removing time from me. Long time not  hug you, nor kiss you. So much time that I can’t remember what is to feel something for you, to open my heart to you, made you the companion of my own depths, to share my secrets with you, those that I don’t share even with God. I search for you but I can’t find you, are you hiding in the forest, or in the mountains, in caves maybe ? Or maybe in another planet ? I search for you and I can’t find you. And when I see a glimpse of you, I erase it, I do the impossible to get away, is beacuse, you know my love, I’m afraid, I’m afraid of you, I’m afraid of love, I’m afraid that you leave me, I’m afraid of being alone. If only I could think about sex, but not, that’s not what I search, what I search is love, that love that I never had. I want to see you, but I get away, I erase you, I hurt you. I must be carefull with you, at last, you are made of the more precious ivory.



She came

walking through the sea

algaes in her hair

in her eyes stars

the moon shining in her body

fire through her inside

she came with the wind

like an ancient goddess

at her sight

lovecraftians creatures awake

years run through her heart

without touching her

immortal being

curious soul

unearthly creature

treasure of ice age

the sea turn to fire in her paths

exhaling sex and sensuality

the earth tremble at her gaze

hearts stop running

when she is close

her aura is hot

like the flames dancing in the bonfire


The flames are alive

sulfide and chrome

silver and gold

energy dancing in front my eyes

flames swinging around the bonfire

dragged by the air of the night full of stars

in some forest where memories are alive

and your eyes,

your eyes are two sapphires

burning with life

you dance to the sound of the wind

to the music of the leaves

while here, inside me

another fire is burning

Hungry of you

I’m starving again

sitting in my bed

with nothing to eat.


I’m hungry of you, my love !

your heart is all I want

your heart in a plate

of silver and gold

Your passion

Your soul

Feast me in you, baby

red wine

drinking your blood

your soul devour.


And with nothing else to eat

I will lick your bones

to appease my hunger

for you, my love.

The heart and the silver bride

In the hights of the mountain

a heart

waiting to be loved

he waits paciently

for her lover to arrive,

she will come in a carruage

conducted by 7 fire horses,

all around her

tarot cards will be spilled,

the trees

will camp at the feet of the mountain

to see her pass,

and she

brigthly as a silver bride

will take the heart

and carry it home

to the floating stones

where rivers of gold

flow in the infinite

of the vast starry night.



(note : I decided to start reading my poetry, I decided to start with this poem. My native language is not english, so, my spelling and my accent is not english, it could sound funny, if you want to laugh, laugh the loudest you can. Well, enjoy)



Love Affairs of the past

It’s not so bad

to sit alone in the park

thinking about my love affairs

of the past


I remember Romina

I remember Laura

I remember Agustina


Romina was a good one

my first

she turned to be a lesbian

dating Laura


Laura, she was like fucking an androginous boy

she was lesbian

but somehow

we fell in love


After that we make a three

we added Romina to our list

They leave me alone after a while


But Agustina

Agustina was an angel that fell from the sky

she wasn’t lesbian


nor bisexual

but I leave her

when I left my country


Some years after that

when I came back to Argentina

I meet her in the street

but she seemed so far away

as I was

from the country that I left

some years ago.