In some sacred temple
we sacrifice our bodies to the saints
those saints made of wood and dust
whose eyes
are dead
in front of them we blaspheme
while our bodies
below the smell of incense
moaning in the candlelights
enjoy ourselves
and with the cross we masturbate
in the name of
Jesus Christ our Lord
and Mother Mary,

Anti !!!

What is man doing
trying to explain God ?
All religions are the same
Business of faith
No-one is true
but all of them claim
to be the only one, the only truth
Fuck off religion !
Brainwashing man
Putting fear into the heart of innocent childs
Creating conflict and nightmares in my existence.
Have taken me time
to understand that there is no religion
nor God out there
in the sky
waiting for us
after death
nor hell
where rebel angels are punished
for all the eternity.
I deny the existence of a religious God
If there is a God
man can’t explain It.
I deny the existence of Satan and demons
There is only moral and immorality
We are the owners of our own life, of our own souls
All religions are the same
I don’t deny a Creator
but I deny the religious God !

The cross















(note : even when I believe in God, I’m far away of being religious, and I don’t like religions. I just found funny to make this word-play, that’s all)

A letter to God (crisis No. 1)

I see you

like a ship sailing in the mist,

it get’s so far away

that I can’t even say if it’s real

or not.

What if all that I believe

turn to be a lie,

a lie to myself,

a faith in fairytales ?

I believe that you really exist

I believe,

but I’m not sure


my beliefs