The Funeral

It happened so fast,
One day you was drinking wine,
The next day you was in the hospital,
And from there straight to the earth,
Your tomb was open, waiting for you.
I saw you there
You was wearing a three piece suit
Your eyes closed
Your soul so far away.
While everyone was crying
I was only thinking about
How I did like to cum inside the ass of your niece
That wasn’t part of my family
But of your woman.
I didn’t really cared if you was alive or death
You died for me when I was 2 years old
A child looking at his father’s back and not understanding
Where is he going, why he will not come back.
You phoned me from time to time
And the days I was lucky you came to visit,
We did go to buy some comics, take a ride in the old and dusty car, and buy some toys.
The days I wasn’t lucky
You simply did not come.
I waited for you and then my mother used to take me to the cinema,
I get accustomed to cry in silence, in dark corners,
And the sadness give way to anger.
Lot of years I spent hating you,
But now, I can somehow understand you.
Oh, dad, you didn’t knew how to be a father,
All that you knew was to be a plumber (and even not a good one …)
A drunk
And to smoke marihuana in your own arcade store with the boys of the neighborhood.
It was all so fast
One day you was winning me at chess
The next day Death had reclaimed your life.

From queen to goat

I will tell you a secret :

When I was a teen I liked to play queer
To use make up
To kiss boys and girls
To fuck them too
I used to wear like a drag queen
And with my girlfriend
We went to party like that
We two
All glitter and drag

Then I grew up
I stopped making a queen of myself
I even stopped kissing boys,
Only girls

Now I use a beard and I like to play it wild
Rude, raw
I use to drink too much and
To tear some bars down

Is strange
When I think about my past
How much I changed

From being the queen to be
The satanic goat that I’m

I’m not a hippie

I met a girl the other day
some hippie that I used to fuck

when she was 16

and I was 21

(it’s legal, I’m not a pedophile)

added her in the facebook and tried to talk to her

(while I imagine how I did nailed her to my bed)

She don’t want to answer

even when the other day she told me

that she love me and

I proposed her to marry me

(Ok, she was high on drugs

while I was vomiting the wine)


I think

the problem is

that I’m not

a dopehead peace lover.



_ This girl wants you,
he told to me,
she was 17
I was 18.
Some days after she phoned me
_ Hi, do you want to go to a movie ?
_ Yes, I said
We met
But we didn’t went to the movie
we rented a movie and went
to her home
_ I need to pee
I told her
When I get out of the bathroom
she was on a really sexy dress
The movie started
She sits between my legs
I kissed her
_ Hey, we came to see the movie
she told me
_ Yes, of course
I told her
She jumped over me
_ Take off your clothes
She said
I started to suck her off
We fucked in the balcony
All the passersby were watching at us
I cum in her ass
I never saw her

since that day