Night (Rosh HaShana)

The streets are empty

Darkness and the new year

Night, I am happy

(note : So, today was the jew’s new year, we are starting the year 5775, I’m at work, the hour : 03:20 AM, outside I can see the darkness, the night, I love the night, at this hour there is nobody in the streets, I can hear the silence, I’m at peace)

A song to the night


An enormous vision fill my eyes :

The vastness of space resounding in my mind,

Diamonds shining in the darkness of the night,

A silver moon hanging from a tree,

And in the surface of the lake

Spirits dancing to nature’s melodies,

Peace flyng in the air,

And the mountains appears

As gods oldest than life itself,

Air can be breathed

inside / outside of the body and the mind,

And the fire turning to the sides

with the beauty touch of the wind.

Night seems the only place

where silence and peace can be found


Just another dream …

Another night

spent at work

watching red movies

hearing to the old Woody Richie

dreaming of a new beginning

            a new decade for me

               a new day for you

            a new year for me

               a new hour for you

dreaming of a brightest future

dreaming of love and shalom

dreaming of anti-colonialism and 

                               social justice

dreaming of a world where there is


distinction of classes


the poor is not poor


the rich is not rich

where there is

           not capitalism

           nor money

           nor propierties

           nor frontiers

           nor wars

where the sky is blue and the sun shines

           the same for everyone

where the children have a green place to play and

           the elderly a place to rest

where a young can make a future and

           a policeman is not corrupt

where there is no hungry

           nor prisons

           nor tears

           nor politicians

           nor lies

a better world for you and me but

           a dream is


                                   a dream

Staring at the sea

Staring at the sea,

the salty blue waters

the waves 2 feet tall

the rocks in the shore

the sand and the crabs

the boats in the port

the sun tanning the bodies

the girls without clothes

the love in the air

the beerbottle emptying

the fish in the net

the day making everyone happy

the muscles in the arms

the plays in the sand

the afternoon without problems


I was wondering :

                         how can a man

                                                take arms against his brother ?