Night (Rosh HaShana)

The streets are empty

Darkness and the new year

Night, I am happy

(note : So, today was the jew’s new year, we are starting the year 5775, I’m at work, the hour : 03:20 AM, outside I can see the darkness, the night, I love the night, at this hour there is nobody in the streets, I can hear the silence, I’m at peace)

Untitled No. 21

I feel the urge to cum
over the poetry of your body
your (vaginal) lips that tell me of Sappho
the wasted road of your hips
your tits like mountains, honey mountains, and
I’m an explorer,
I submerge myself in the sea of your purple fluids

You are mine tonight, the stars in the sky watch you and envy you
because your are mine
everything can happen
we are ethereal
our hearts pumping blood + adrenaline

A circle of saliva around us
and in the middle of the night
I name you
Queen, Goddess
of nature

I’ll not remember you tomorrow
but tonight
we are one, one body, one soul
communion of the spirit

But tomorrow
you’ll be another empty memory
in the longing of the void


The challenge is to close your eyes and let it go
Don’t think
Drag the wind as one drag the sea
Comb your name in the sand
A smile
A warm hug that is there
That is no longer there
That leaves without looking back
And while she leaves, she touch my hair
And my heart exploits
Like a submissive volcano
For her love
In a night of distances

Little glitter thing

Something shinning in the dark
Like a strange ruby
From out of this world
I, obviously, want to catch it
But every time I get closer
It gets away from me
And now it seems like thousands of kilometers between me
And the glitter thing
An ocean of distance between us.

“Little precious thing
Stop shinning
Making me wish
For you,
Stop !”

It’s night now and
A sweet caress makes me conscious
Of my feelings,
I search for my heart
Only to understand
That the little glitter thing
Came out of my body
Get away from me.

Mother Nature

The moon and the nightspirit

wrapped in fog

rays of silver lighting the earth


In the distant blackness

planets are dancing

with undying Gods


Souls are dying

Souls are born


Eternal circle

Ancient Enigma


Mother Nature watching

over her daughters and sons.


Blacked out, Again

Drink too much, Again

Made a clown of myself, Again

A night erased from my mind, Again

Wake up in my bed, alone, Again

A new day to confront,