Smile, life is beauty

I’ll write broken words
And murmur to your ear incomplete verses
Images of the wind’s dream
Golden shells
Shinning with crimson light from the inside

And with my rimes
That aren’t rimes nor songs
If not images of watercolor words
I’ll steal a smile
From the sun, the moon, and the stars

Mother Nature

The moon and the nightspirit

wrapped in fog

rays of silver lighting the earth


In the distant blackness

planets are dancing

with undying Gods


Souls are dying

Souls are born


Eternal circle

Ancient Enigma


Mother Nature watching

over her daughters and sons.

A song to the night


An enormous vision fill my eyes :

The vastness of space resounding in my mind,

Diamonds shining in the darkness of the night,

A silver moon hanging from a tree,

And in the surface of the lake

Spirits dancing to nature’s melodies,

Peace flyng in the air,

And the mountains appears

As gods oldest than life itself,

Air can be breathed

inside / outside of the body and the mind,

And the fire turning to the sides

with the beauty touch of the wind.

Night seems the only place

where silence and peace can be found