This shadows are
So confused
There are terrible feelings and
Catholic spits
Christians dead
All over the floor
And vodka
I’m puking
Over your mother’s bed
And the wine is not enough
It’s a rough party
Porn movies turn us all
Gang banged twins on the carpet
Hardcore games
Punk rock, Deathrock, twisted music on the stereo
Blue pills made me
I masturbate to the closest star
And cum
Over the chaos of my wasted-youth-memories

Only 20 seconds

We are only dust

an infinite flash that flote in the air

a dream that stands

for 20 seconds, that prolongue

for 80 years

and at last

we get lost in time.


We are

memories of broken mirrors,

our tears are pearls

black pearls

of the sea.


In our heart hides a dagger

that lights eclipses

of the deepness

of love.

Days of summer are lost

Days pass in front my eyes
I’m becoming old, I’m forgetting how to feel
My heart is dying, turning in stone
There aren’t too much things that get me excited
Everything is old, I actually know it,
Or had lived it,
Or, it simply bores me now

I miss the old days
When I was a child or even a younger
And everything was new
And everything used to get me excited

I remember myself
Believing in God, going to church
And after the church to dance in some fetish club.
Girls were new
Music was new
The world was a new big adventure to get lost inside
And dream

But now, everything is old
And ghosts of my memories
Haunt my heart, Haunt my feelings
And so I know
That the days of summer are lost

Keep the streets empty for me (Poem inspired by the song Keep the streets empty for me, by Fever Ray)

Keep the streets empty for me

where void is at war and

ghosts float through the asphalt


Keep the streets empty for me

’cause I’ll burn down the city

’cause I’ll dance with decadent abandoned flames


Keep the streets empty for me

Keep the silence screaming my name

Keep the memories haunting my spirit

Passing by

I am

a dream that will fade away

with the light of the morning

only living in the night

glimmering in the sky

smoky something.

My scent

will be dissolved in the air

as the sand falling through your fingers

and my picture

will be drowned

in the deepness of the ocean.

My words will hurt you,

My somehow love,

My passion

I will be forgiven

as a ghost town that people abandoned

long time ago.

So much poetry murmured to your ears

but the only thing that you will remember

is the shadow of a memory

fading away

with the sun

growing in the horizon.


(note : I’ll be glad if you find grammatical errors to make me know, thank you)


Broken hearts

can’t be fixed

… and there are skulls of dead children

… and lost dreams

walking blindly through the garden of memories

bathed by the mist

of oblivion

untitled No. 7

Your caress, my skin. Your velvet, my sex. The two of us wallowing in

ashes. Our world: pure illegal. In precipices of eternity you kiss me.

Your kiss as death. Your kiss as insane. There is no fear between us.

(… Your mouth, your skin, your sex). Night. Paris night in the city

of candles. Our light and our music: our words. In my bed our

tongues. Your touch hurting my body. Your touch of tiger. So sensual

everything. I penetrate your body and you’re not there, I look

for you in a line, I look for you in gold dust. Despair. I extend my

fingers and grab you. You come back smiling and talking, you talk of

stars and moons, and Venus. You promise me Morpheus : Saturn. Night.

Night of you in the city of candles.


From the sky Saturn look at our spring. Heart girl and two rainbows.

Melancholy present of some party. Our bodies fly with wind waves. Your

gaze, lost in acid. Some DJ forward a summer, autumn, winter, and

spring again. All of us submerged in Dreams. And Lucy. Lucy in the Sky

with Diamonds. Lucy is a whore, like you and me. Shine orgasma : Lucy

wrapped in orgia. Now the shadows are three, three floating in dust:

you, me and Lucy with diamonds.


White powder

Liquid Dreams


Illegal love


Seven colors for the three of us

Seven colors that we steal from the sky

from the rain

from the words


You’re so girl. Lucy hits you. She hangs on your penis and choke you.

She just want me. I just want you. And her. And Saturn from the sky:

rains melody of crystal sperm. A poem is longer, has no end. Your penis,

mine, and her vagina. Your vagina with diamonds. And in some place the

Beatles play. Your hands and her. Kisses of you two. Kisses of us

three and we dance all night long. In ElDorado I found you, you looked

so good, you and your feathers: pink & blue. Rainbow flag and a rag

doll. A marble and a rag doll. That’s what you  are: rose sky … blue fire … And crimson thorns.