Bleeding meal

They scream, but who hears ?

They suffer, but who cares ?

You see them as a product, something for consume


To satisfy our consumer addiction

you’ve got them in your table, their blood, their bones

another product,

all their suffering

is only another piece of meat between your teeths.

Could you look at them, to their eyes and tell them :

I’m sorry, but my hunger is worth your suffering ?

Me, not …

Next time you eat a chicken, a piece of meat

cow meat, pig meat, sheep meat, or a fish

know that this tasty meal was a life

that lived in fear, imprisoned,

another product

that bleeds.

Untitled No. 21

I feel the urge to cum
over the poetry of your body
your (vaginal) lips that tell me of Sappho
the wasted road of your hips
your tits like mountains, honey mountains, and
I’m an explorer,
I submerge myself in the sea of your purple fluids

You are mine tonight, the stars in the sky watch you and envy you
because your are mine
everything can happen
we are ethereal
our hearts pumping blood + adrenaline

A circle of saliva around us
and in the middle of the night
I name you
Queen, Goddess
of nature

I’ll not remember you tomorrow
but tonight
we are one, one body, one soul
communion of the spirit

But tomorrow
you’ll be another empty memory
in the longing of the void

To Nya

If I tell you that I like you
What will you say ?
I don’t know how to continue this trip
to your heart
That I started some time ago,
And, this game is getting bored
As some puzzle where you can’t find
The connecting piece

And, if I tell you that I like you
What will you say ?

I think, I will continue
In silence, and keep my heart


I remember me

stinging like a wild dog

scared and unclaimed

wounded and bleeding from my ribs

in my mouth

a bone, a rat , a kiss

in your mouth

red lipstick


I remember you

Wild like an Amazon

owner of yourself

sensual, sassy , hysterical

Your sex ensnaring me like the spider to the fly

(wrapped in silk )

Whimsical , voodoo queen of ancient lands ,

What would I not do to have you back in my arms

and kiss you

and dry the tears hidden in your eyes


We were so innocent

so cute walking down the dark streets

at the night of the desert

You, with your glamor

I , with my homeless poetry

The lights over us

and in your hair, a crystal crown

shining , brighting



I went so far

as to get you hurt

our bodies flagellated

cut , bleeding

our soul and our love



What would I not do, my ethereal angel

to have you back in my arms,

My Genesis , my biblical goddess

if only I could change the past

and do it all again , knowing the consequences …


( … Every love that is remembered


      a sad story )


… and my tears on the keyboard

… and my heart served on a silver plate

as an offering to you

my voodoo queen of ancient lands

my Goddess


Only 20 seconds

We are only dust

an infinite flash that flote in the air

a dream that stands

for 20 seconds, that prolongue

for 80 years

and at last

we get lost in time.


We are

memories of broken mirrors,

our tears are pearls

black pearls

of the sea.


In our heart hides a dagger

that lights eclipses

of the deepness

of love.

Mountain of bones

Dry bones
A mountain of dry bones,
My heart in the volcano
It’s ok
I don’t need him,
Someday I’ll go
And rest
Between the corpses
In the mountain of bones
Dry bones

If only I could …

If only I could break into your heart
Like I break into houses
And steal my soul
From your collection
Liberate the feelings that chain me and be free …

… If only my love wasn’t a road without end
To the suicidal ocean of fire …

… Oh, I don’t think you could love me
Or that I allow you to love me,

I’m only playing a theatrical script
In the labyrinth of roses.

Loving a stranger (dedicated to my wordpress friends)

I had never met you and I will never meet you
I know I love you

I passed you in the street
Our eyes found each other
Without repairing who you was / who I was
I know I love you

In the party, our bodies were sweating
My saliva mixing with yours
Inside our mouths, our tongues dancing
To the rhythm of the song,
I never knew your name, and I will never know
I know I love you

I visited your tomb
I leave flowers in the place,
Yellow and blue
With thorns on the stem,
I don’t know who you was, or how you had lived your life
I know I love you

I had read your poetry on the net
I never knew your name
Nor I saw your pic
And, most probably, I will never meet you in life
I know I love you

The purest form of love
Is to love someone
That you don’t know