Passing by

I am

a dream that will fade away

with the light of the morning

only living in the night

glimmering in the sky

smoky something.

My scent

will be dissolved in the air

as the sand falling through your fingers

and my picture

will be drowned

in the deepness of the ocean.

My words will hurt you,

My somehow love,

My passion

I will be forgiven

as a ghost town that people abandoned

long time ago.

So much poetry murmured to your ears

but the only thing that you will remember

is the shadow of a memory

fading away

with the sun

growing in the horizon.


(note : I’ll be glad if you find grammatical errors to make me know, thank you)

untitled No. 16 (english translation)

(translated from spanish)

Sometimes I wonder
if we go somewhere
If all this makes sense
if we are not just passing by

The river flows and dies
ends in the great sea of stone,
our life flows and dies
what will be of the earthly life?

We have to live

each day as if it were the last
we must daydream
not to think about the past

For who can look at his past
without wanting to change
the things we have done wrong
regret the things that could

If you were told that tomorrow you will die
how would you live your last days:
creating kingdoms on earth, or

living a lie ?


I feel

a big anxiety

growing inside me

is like if I’m afraid of something

something unknown




some kind of black energy

is like

if I’m afraid

of living

and I’m doubting