Night (Rosh HaShana)

The streets are empty

Darkness and the new year

Night, I am happy

(note : So, today was the jew’s new year, we are starting the year 5775, I’m at work, the hour : 03:20 AM, outside I can see the darkness, the night, I love the night, at this hour there is nobody in the streets, I can hear the silence, I’m at peace)

Some thankful words

Why is that that I can’t write when I’m happy ?
Why is that that I need to be in pain to create ?
My life is turning out well
I want to write about that,
I’ve got not so much words to say
That after a very furious storm
Now I’m seeing some rays of sun

Thank you very much for stay at my side in my most difficult moments, this is for all of you (you know who all of you are)

Purim, days of partying …

I’m empty
In the inside
I have no heart
Nor feelings …

… This is the time of the year
Where everyone is partying
Dressing up
Who they fantasize
To be …

… But me
I have no heart
Nor feelings
I’m useless
Like the sun
In a raining afternoon

Nothing to hide, some words about my poetry

Yes, I cry !
Yes, I’m a loser with no talent playing the poet and the artsy !
Yes, I will not stop doing that !
(Not stop Writing)
My screams are harsh
So everyone can hear them
I’m not ashamed of my pain
I’ll let you know when I’m suffering,
But when I’m happy
We will go drink together
And burn down the bar.
I have nothing to hide,
I have
So bring me another whiskey
And then, bring me the gun
I will fill it with words
And shot bleeding verses
To your heart.



the bones

the skin

the body

the muscles

the pain of birth

the sadness of death

the happiness of love

the lust of sex

the career

the music

the free verse

the walk in the park

the spit

the phlegm

the sperm

the blood

we are only a soul

searching for his home

in the middle of the chaos

that life represents