Where are you ?



and I’m thinking of you

where are you ?

who are you ?

when will I find you ?

I know I have no future

and I’m not attractive


my heart need some company

I’m searching for you

but you are hard to find

I need you

I want you

but who are you 

to play with my feelings

still I dream of you

and in my dreams you are perfect

it’s too sad to wake up

and to know that I will not see you again

nor dream with you


that’s the reason I don’t want to go to sleep tonight

I need you

I need you to carry my heart

I need you to take me

to places that I don’t know yet

to make me feel

feelings that I didn’t felt yet

but where are you

hiding from me

and who are you

that I can’t see you

I will give you the stars

if that’s what you want

I will give you the moon

I will give you the sun

but where are you

and where will I go

from now on