Sleepy thoughts

Another 8 hours sitting in the chair
That goes down every 5 minutes
Today I decided not to drink
I want to get away of the bottle
When I’m drunk I act like a stupid
It’s not that I’m not a stupid but
When I’m sober I somehow can hide it
I need a girl
I’m too shy to search for one
I’m afraid of the NO
Of doing the clown
That’s one of the reasons why I drink
To free myself
I like to live
But I’m walking close to the lady in black.


Blacked out, Again

Drink too much, Again

Made a clown of myself, Again

A night erased from my mind, Again

Wake up in my bed, alone, Again

A new day to confront,


The drunkard

There he goes

walking in zig zag

bubbling bubbles through his mouth

and his eyes

totally lost

a bottle in his hand

and the passers by

laughing at him

he don’t give a fuck

for this world or the other

all his world refers

to the bottle in his hand

and while he walk through the park

his mind is empty


for the ghosts of the past

life was unjust to him

making of him

the clown of the town

but he don’t give a fuck

he is happy

with his bourbon smile

Do you know ?

Do you know that feeling the morning after ?

Do you know the taste of whisky filling your mouth ?

Do you know that you want it out, but it just don’t want to fade away ?

Do you know that feeling of lost, stupidity,

that feeling of : what-did-I-do-yesterday

but you can’t remember anything except that you were a total idiot ?

Do you know what is to stay outside all night, searching for a corner to vomit and finding yourself choking with your own phlegm ?

Do you know the guilt ?

Do you know what is to be alive and forget for a moment of all the entire fuking world

just to the morning after wake up in your bed without even knowing

how you get there ?

Do you know the open-up-earth-and-eat-me ?

Do you know the dryness of unemployment and a desertic future ?

Do you know do you know ?

Do you know

me ?

The way of the loser

Another night burned



*********************** my mind

And here we can’t enter

because we are drunk

and there we can’t enter


*******we are

*************still drunk

And it’s just not funny

The way of the loser

is not funny


and me with my glasses

and he with his belly

and me with my belly too

that I haven’t


*****************I was


but still a loser

and people laugh

and not understand

the hard that is

**************to wake up

***********************every morning

*********************with headache

******************feeling lost

*************and empty



but I continue fighting

against a dark destiny

I need a change

I need to take things


I need


Me & Gidi at Go-Go

We were there

at the ladies room

me with my shyness

he with his drunkness

we were there

he take a private dance

I drunk a beer

” not, thank you ” I told her

” I’m shy too ” she told to me

and she leave

her ass was good

she had no tits

I was afraid

of the female race

I drunk the beer

he has his dance

then we leave

blowing bubbles

to another bar