Immaterial feelings

Trying to remember a dream, a feeling
Trying to catch it, to chain it and never let it go
But it resist, and, like a moving train, it goes … and goes … and goes … and disappear,
Till there is nothing left
Only the shadow of a feeling, remote, away
And reality hits
And this world where I was free
Is only the memory of a dream
But in this dream, I could feel
New sensations, feelings only existent in an immaterial world
My body disappears, and my mind expands
My soul fly free through the forests of Morpheus
I’m the wind whispering at the ears of the Oblivion’s trees
I’m the waves exploding in Void’s waters
The air are tiny, microscopic crystals
The world shines, this world shines
And I’m surrounded by thousands, millions of new emotions …
… But reality hits
The alarm , riiing-riiing-riiing, to come back
I try to catch some glimpses of the immaterial world
As it falls through my fingers
Like white, pure sand

Passing by

I am

a dream that will fade away

with the light of the morning

only living in the night

glimmering in the sky

smoky something.

My scent

will be dissolved in the air

as the sand falling through your fingers

and my picture

will be drowned

in the deepness of the ocean.

My words will hurt you,

My somehow love,

My passion

I will be forgiven

as a ghost town that people abandoned

long time ago.

So much poetry murmured to your ears

but the only thing that you will remember

is the shadow of a memory

fading away

with the sun

growing in the horizon.


(note : I’ll be glad if you find grammatical errors to make me know, thank you)

Ludmila (01/06/13 dream)

I met with Ludmila and we were together again. She was cured of the cancer. We met with some of her russian friends and one of them needed a tool. I went to the next room, opened the door of the closet and get my tool’s box. I get a screwdriver and a hammer and gave it to him.

Then Ludmila and her friends went for a walk and I went with them. They had 2 cars and something like a skateboard chained to the cars. We traveled on the skateboards while they drove the cars. It was a race.

We stopped and Ludmila get naked. I get naked too. We kissed.

Now we were again in the room, and her friends had prepared a dinner, some russian food with red wine.

I opened the door and in the other side was the garden of my house in Argentina.

I woke up.

The dream was in colours and in the dream it was afternoon and night.

(note : Ludmila was the first girlfriend that I had when I arrived in Israel, and my 3rd official girlfriend … we are not soo much in contact now)


(translated from spanish)



surrender to the dream

spread my crimson wings

get carried away by the stream

that run in the canvas

of the allways smiling

noise of the wind


Alone in the building

11 PM to 7 AM

watching Lords of Dogtown


dreaming of being rich

dreaming of poetry

dreaming of skateboards

dreaming of you


dreaming of your lips

dreaming of your hair

dreaming of your eyes

dreaming of your perfect silhouette

dreaming of your pussy, too

dreaming of you

but you don’t know me

and I don’t know you