The Funeral

It happened so fast,
One day you was drinking wine,
The next day you was in the hospital,
And from there straight to the earth,
Your tomb was open, waiting for you.
I saw you there
You was wearing a three piece suit
Your eyes closed
Your soul so far away.
While everyone was crying
I was only thinking about
How I did like to cum inside the ass of your niece
That wasn’t part of my family
But of your woman.
I didn’t really cared if you was alive or death
You died for me when I was 2 years old
A child looking at his father’s back and not understanding
Where is he going, why he will not come back.
You phoned me from time to time
And the days I was lucky you came to visit,
We did go to buy some comics, take a ride in the old and dusty car, and buy some toys.
The days I wasn’t lucky
You simply did not come.
I waited for you and then my mother used to take me to the cinema,
I get accustomed to cry in silence, in dark corners,
And the sadness give way to anger.
Lot of years I spent hating you,
But now, I can somehow understand you.
Oh, dad, you didn’t knew how to be a father,
All that you knew was to be a plumber (and even not a good one …)
A drunk
And to smoke marihuana in your own arcade store with the boys of the neighborhood.
It was all so fast
One day you was winning me at chess
The next day Death had reclaimed your life.

The little pigeon

Yesterday I found a pigeon
In the door of my work
He was dead
His eyes drained of life
and sad
Fixed in the remoteness, far away of this world.
I felt sad but
I take him and put him in the garbage,
What else could I do ?

Now he is free, the little pigeon
Free to fly at the side of God
Free to poo over us, stupid mortals,
And laugh.

Goodbye little pigeon,
See you on the other side.


A leather mask covering my face
below worms

My skin is ash
My hair burnt grass
My nails knives
Flogging your virgin body

I’m the Black Plague dancing
I am he who at night
Your nightmares feeds
I am the son of war

Kiss me and die,
Masturbate on rotting bodies
SCREAM ! SCREAM ! … Your pain
Is the music of my decadence

Living life through fire / Denying the father

Darkness fill the room

fill my heart

as I breath

I’m living life through fire

I’m in the middle of nothing

where I’m something

I’m king.

At the beginning of the century a man died

He resembled me of shadows,

of castles in the sand,

This man worked the dust

his breath smelled of alcohol

tobacco and whores.

If I could

I did play music with his bones.

He is buried in the earth.

The picture of him leaving

is buried in my soul.

Dead’s world


you say you have flowers for the dead,

Give them to me !

Run away !

for I will turn into a vampire

seeking for your veins


I will eat your heart

I will devour your inside.


Don’t come to the tombs

just, don’t come


you don’t belong here

let the dead burn their deads

let the corpses rot

and pass away


for there is no place for the species of you


like there is no place for the species of me

in your world of 

loving growing flowers

and birthday happiness.

The streets are empty

Today I walked the streets
all I saw
were corpses
corpses rotting,
universes dying,

Today I walked the streets
all I saw
were beasts snarling
for more blood
more flesh
more money

Today I walked the streets
all I wanted was a beer
and a hot pussy
to lay down.