Empty Town

There is nothing in this town,

empty as a heart without love,

the only thing that is here to do

is to sit in a bar and drink alcohol,

beers go

beers come

chaser of whiskey and 

a glass of wine,

When you realize that this town is dull

(as an idiot son that the fathers don’t want)

is when you start to worry

about how to fill

the space

between night

and day.

Insomnia (can’t sleep, motherfucker !!!)

IT’S A HELL  !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Demon hordes outside my house
tractors, trolls, catapults, nordic hammers
Warfare inside my head
and my eyes
standing up like zombie-soldiers
I want to disobey the orders
that my brain dictate to my body
I need to go to sleep
I’m MORE than tired !
Fire illuminate the sky
fire-dragons, fire-bullets, fire-works, FIRE-UP-YOUR-ASS
the day conspires against me
and my mind is weak
weak every minute that pass
there is no darkness
there is no peace
too much bright the light of day
Satan’s baby crying for their blood
Prehistoric beasts spitting fire
A living hell it is
I want to smack my head
with a hammer

A song to the shadows

In the night of days

I lift up a song to the shadows 

                that pursue me and

                                  observe me

               that torment me and

                                     scare me