Little glitter thing

Something shinning in the dark
Like a strange ruby
From out of this world
I, obviously, want to catch it
But every time I get closer
It gets away from me
And now it seems like thousands of kilometers between me
And the glitter thing
An ocean of distance between us.

“Little precious thing
Stop shinning
Making me wish
For you,
Stop !”

It’s night now and
A sweet caress makes me conscious
Of my feelings,
I search for my heart
Only to understand
That the little glitter thing
Came out of my body
Get away from me.

Blue again

I’m feeling blue


I’m feeling a deep loneliness

filling my heart and

an obscure sadness running through my soul,

is like the sun don’t want to shine over me today and

my own shadow evades me,

is like my life is an old hotel haunted by

dusty suicide children and

abandoned fetus at the the highs of the mountain, 

is like the autumn’s leafs are crying a silent lament to the

cold wind and the trees are 

killing themselves,

is like nothing really matters and

the only road 

is dead


(note : I’m cyclothymic, my mood can change from a deep depressive sadness to a maniac happiness in a second … the poem reflect how I felt in the afternoon, around 19, 20 … now I’m feeling ok, I’m not sad, I can even say that I’m happy …)

There is a time in life (depressive poetry)

There is a time in life

when you look at your past and you want

                                                 to erase it

when you look at your present and you

                                           got nothing

when you look at your future and you

                                  see it like a hole

                                  in the middle of the desert


There is a time in life

when you desire to die

instead of that you continue dragging

                              the cardboard box

and writing depressive letters

that you throw to the sky





you feel empty

you feel wasted

you feel dying

you feel

and that is why you know that you are alive

because you still can feel


There is a time in life

when life itself lose it’s purpose

when you get dry of tears

when you want to throw it all away


     [ I try to be hard

     [ I try to always show a smile

     [ I try I try I try 


(note : sorry for the poetry above, I wish I could write some happy poetry … but today I can’t)