Mother Nature

The moon and the nightspirit

wrapped in fog

rays of silver lighting the earth


In the distant blackness

planets are dancing

with undying Gods


Souls are dying

Souls are born


Eternal circle

Ancient Enigma


Mother Nature watching

over her daughters and sons.

The way of the soul

In the stones
The soul dreams

In the plants
The soul awakes

In the animals
The soul feels

In the humans
The soul thinks

Continuous circle
Of born, death, & born again

We are the childrens of the infinite
We are made of stardust

Hurt to move … (very old poetry I)

Hurt to move

from the shadows to the glitter-spring.

Behind the door a secret :

sin born in alchemy wind.


(original : spanish)

De sombras
al brillo-primavera duele moverse.
Detras de la puerta un secreto :
en aire de alquimia nace el pecado.

(note : I found some very old poetry in my computer, things that I wrote lot of years ago, that’s one of them)