Immaterial feelings

Trying to remember a dream, a feeling
Trying to catch it, to chain it and never let it go
But it resist, and, like a moving train, it goes … and goes … and goes … and disappear,
Till there is nothing left
Only the shadow of a feeling, remote, away
And reality hits
And this world where I was free
Is only the memory of a dream
But in this dream, I could feel
New sensations, feelings only existent in an immaterial world
My body disappears, and my mind expands
My soul fly free through the forests of Morpheus
I’m the wind whispering at the ears of the Oblivion’s trees
I’m the waves exploding in Void’s waters
The air are tiny, microscopic crystals
The world shines, this world shines
And I’m surrounded by thousands, millions of new emotions …
… But reality hits
The alarm , riiing-riiing-riiing, to come back
I try to catch some glimpses of the immaterial world
As it falls through my fingers
Like white, pure sand

Astral travel

I talk in dead tongues

for noone to hear,

I scream in sacred fear

to the stars above.

My spirit flies

through the vast starry night,

the old serpent is preparing

the trap for me to fall.

No one is here,

no one is there,

it’s a ritual

of one young man.

I scream to the stars

in sacred fear,

I join

the deaths in their tombs.

The graves open

and let me pass

through deadly fields

where I have no come back.

And I walk

with head held high

with nothing to fear

away of my past,

my future is uncertain

I don’t know what I will become

I enter in the deepness of the jungle

of the lost dead souls.

There I see a light

waiting for me to arrive

wheter it’s God or Devil

is not for me to know

I stand in the eternal shadows

watching life above.