Drinking passion

I like to drink

what can I do ?

just sit and enjoy my next drink

of whiskey, beer, or wine

I don’t like vodka and the “white drinks”

I can have from time to time

some gin and tonic

but, I prefer beer


or wine

the most dry

the better

and I use to drink


Nothing to hide, some words about my poetry

Yes, I cry !
Yes, I’m a loser with no talent playing the poet and the artsy !
Yes, I will not stop doing that !
(Not stop Writing)
My screams are harsh
So everyone can hear them
I’m not ashamed of my pain
I’ll let you know when I’m suffering,
But when I’m happy
We will go drink together
And burn down the bar.
I have nothing to hide,
I have
So bring me another whiskey
And then, bring me the gun
I will fill it with words
And shot bleeding verses
To your heart.

Empty Town

There is nothing in this town,

empty as a heart without love,

the only thing that is here to do

is to sit in a bar and drink alcohol,

beers go

beers come

chaser of whiskey and 

a glass of wine,

When you realize that this town is dull

(as an idiot son that the fathers don’t want)

is when you start to worry

about how to fill

the space

between night

and day.


Blacked out, Again

Drink too much, Again

Made a clown of myself, Again

A night erased from my mind, Again

Wake up in my bed, alone, Again

A new day to confront,


The drunkard

There he goes

walking in zig zag

bubbling bubbles through his mouth

and his eyes

totally lost

a bottle in his hand

and the passers by

laughing at him

he don’t give a fuck

for this world or the other

all his world refers

to the bottle in his hand

and while he walk through the park

his mind is empty


for the ghosts of the past

life was unjust to him

making of him

the clown of the town

but he don’t give a fuck

he is happy

with his bourbon smile

Me & Gidi at Go-Go

We were there

at the ladies room

me with my shyness

he with his drunkness

we were there

he take a private dance

I drunk a beer

” not, thank you ” I told her

” I’m shy too ” she told to me

and she leave

her ass was good

she had no tits

I was afraid

of the female race

I drunk the beer

he has his dance

then we leave

blowing bubbles

to another bar