Happy Christmas !!!

Yeah, I’m jew, and even if I don’t celebrate it I want to grant all of you, my wordpress’s friends, a very happy Christmas, have a good time with your family, your friends. If you go out to party, remember, if you drink don’t drive, take a cab, or a sober friend. Take care, be careful, and enjoy !!!

Here a little present for all of you :


23/12/14 Studio Works (without post-production)

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Hand writing give away

Christmas is here and Santa is visiting the good people of WordPress.

So, yeah, I’m making a give away. What I’m giving is one of my poems, you choose what poem, hand write by me. I know, it’s not too much, but that’s what I have to offer.

To participate write what poem will you like to receive. In the envelope I’ll add some other little surprises. I’ll be choosing 3 winners.

Please, share this post, and good luck !!!

Merry Christmas, jojojojo !!!


… did you, ever ?

Did you ever felt the void filling your chest,
the tears choking your throat,
the anger’s fire burning your cheeks and ears ?

Did you ever felt the loneliness covering you, your heart, your bones,
or the cloud in your mind delaying your thoughts ?

Did you ever felt … Did you, ever ?


Outside the box/ Prozac (Flutine)

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Queer /Puta

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(my) Feelings, Naked

What is wrong with me ?

Every person that I knew failed me,

everyone of them showed me that friendship is an ilusion,


is something wrong with me ?

Is so difficult to find peace, to be happy ?

Everyone feels alone,

or is just me ?

Is there anyone not thinking only for himself/herself ?

Or, is something wrong with me ?

I feel I’m losing the game

I know sadness, and anger is ON

I’m afraid of what I can become

I can’t ask for help,

I can’t believe in anyone,

every person I know teach me that trust is an ilusion

and, I’m a dreamer, a fool

Why is so difficult to find peace ? Why is so difficult to find happiness ?

Is too much to ask for love, acceptance, a friend, a brother, a family,

someone in who I can trust ?

Negative thoughts cloud my mind

Anger is ON

I know sadness

Evil ghosts surrounds me

… is there a place where I belong ?


A poem about nothing, or, How I spend my days

I’m sitting in front of my computer

eating coloured fruity candies

hearing some music

watching the day pass by through my window

Enjoying the night slowly arrive

Emptying my over-full mail

Waiting for something to happen