Bleeding meal

They scream, but who hears ?

They suffer, but who cares ?

You see them as a product, something for consume


To satisfy our consumer addiction

you’ve got them in your table, their blood, their bones

another product,

all their suffering

is only another piece of meat between your teeths.

Could you look at them, to their eyes and tell them :

I’m sorry, but my hunger is worth your suffering ?

Me, not …

Next time you eat a chicken, a piece of meat

cow meat, pig meat, sheep meat, or a fish

know that this tasty meal was a life

that lived in fear, imprisoned,

another product

that bleeds.

23 thoughts on “Bleeding meal

    • That’s true, the diference is that in the tv dramas or movies, the tragedy is a fiction, but, when we consume some animal product this animal has suffered, and, is not a fiction. Anyway, I don’t like to preach my ideals, if people feel good eating meat or consuming animal products is ok with me, I, myself, eated meat for 31 years. Hugs, much love.

      • The tragedy can be a non-fiction but it is made into a fiction. I can feel deeply of some of the tragedy and remind me of the painful feelings.

      • When I say tragedy is a fiction, I’m talking about the tv series or movies. Of course, real tragedy, things that go wrong in our world, are sad, very sad. But animals, what the industry does to those innocent beings, it’s an holocaust, it’s inhuman. If people want to consume animals, it’s their problem, but, at least, know how this product get to them, the process, sad process that this product passed to get to them. I recomend you a movie, a documentary, i’ts very difficult to watch, and it’s ultra-violent, but is what the animal industry makes, the movie is called “Earthlings”, you will not believe your eyes when you watch that movie.

      • Think about that : to liberate animals from slaughterhouses or laboratories is illegal, but to kill them to make them suffer, or to use them as experiments, is legal. It’s the same as with every human slave in the whole history, they hadn’t rights, they were a product. The same happens with animals, right now, they have no rights.

      • They shouldn’t. Animals don’t need to live in fear, imprisoned, but they are. Animals don’t talk like humans, but they feel pain, fear, they suffer, just, or more, than us, humans. I used to eat meat, but, when I get conscious of what I was eating, I stopped, and, believe me, sometimes it’s not easy at all, sometimes I want to eat an hamburguer, or meat, but, to make this will make me feel as an hipocryte.

      • I don’t know, but, we have options, we can eat another things, like, tofu, or vegetables, or fruits, or everything that doesn’t come from an animal. I believe that most of the carnivorous people if they had to kill the animal with their own hands they did stopped eating it.

      • Some people have no hurt. I can’t kill nor feed on animals, I respect their lives. For me, a cow is the same as a cat or a dog, and, I love my cat = )

    • Thank You for reading. After 31 years of being carnivore I decided to try being vegetarian, now I’m trying to be vegan … It’s not so difficult.

      • Seems like it would be…I don’t eat beef or pork, though I love a good steak, I don’t eat red meat anymore. Anyway, good for you, it is so much more healthier to go vegan. Let me know how that works out. Hugs!

      • Thanks. I tell you the truth, sometimes I miss a good burger, or a red meat steak, but, for once, I want to believe in something, and, even if it sounds cheesy, I want to believe in animals rights, they are not a product, they’ve got lives and a need to live free, not being tested in labs, or being sell as a product. Anyway, I’m not a preacher, so, I’m not trying that people think like me, I’m just trying to make people feel. Hugs !!!

      • You know I love animals, I don’t believe in testing products on animals or using them for experimentation other than for the development of life saving cures for catastrophic illness. Hats off to you love, you are a great guy!

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