American Vampire Vol. 1

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American Vampire start publishing on March 17, 2010, and the first hardcover collection of AV on October 5, 2010, under Vertigo. It is the first creator-owner series of Scott Snyder, and it counts with the participation of Stephen King (in the first 5 issues). The artist to this series was Rafael Albuquerque.

The book is split in two stories :

. the first story, happening in 1925, is about a girl that want to be an actress, the girl name is Pearl Jones, but things don’t go as she expected, and what happens will affect and haunt her for the rest of her life.

. the second story,  happening in the old west, is about an outlaw, Skinner Sweet, that is turned into a vampire. Let’s say, without spoiling too much, that Skinner Sweet is the principal character of the series.

– points : it don’t add nothing new to the vampire…

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