12 thoughts on “Boredo(o)m and Depression

  1. I feel compelled to write something….many of us have been there. More people suffer from depression than is known. From mild cases to bi-polar. There is help…seek it please.

    • Thank you. This are only days that I feel down, in the last time I’m having these days one or two times a week. In these days I just feel like I have no force and no desire to do anything, just stay in bed all day and sleep.

      Today I’m feeling better, more “alive” …

  2. Hi Leo, so true…it seems the more creative people suffer from, shall we say, feeling low. You are fabulous, your writing, photography, keep you chin up… You’ve got a lot of living to do, as Kirk says if you need something for mood, try to get it. Hugs love!

  3. Hi, I never thought it may ever happen that I get a Depression, but it happened. It was not boredoom, but Feeling of incompetence at a new work. I forgot the things right after reading. It made me crazy.
    Now I try to do Thing I enjoy.

    Would you allow me to publish your Poem in my blog together with my German Translation, I propose here?
    (It is hard to translate – especially the head line.

    Lange(w)eile und Depression

    von M3RcVR† (O)))))

    Ich bin immer zu spät,
    immer müde,
    immer der letzte.

    Ich muss Mittel bekommen, um Ruhe zu finden,
    bis zur Bewusstlosigkeit.

    Ich muss aus dem Fenster springen,
    mir selbst zu erlauben,
    zu entschwinden.

    (Deutsch von Hutschi)

    • Hi, thank you for the translation, I feel honored, of course you can publish it in your blog, just put a link to my blog. The title is difficult to translate because it’s a word’s play that only makes sense in English.

      Thank you !!! Take care

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