Hell is a place on Earth

They were three
Aged seventeen
They were in front of me
Taking their junk food order
While I was waiting
Waiting they never go
Their asses were perfect
Their faces …
I did fuck them, the three of them, yes …
The food arrived and they went to sit outside,
It was my turn to order :
“Give me a double Mc Royal, big chips, and a big soda”
The food arrived
I went to sit outside, in front of them
The seventeens with big and perfect asses
I watched them
Chewing, swallowing, laughing,
I don’t know if they saw me
I had a hard on
The moment was sacred, like watching the Virgin Mary naked
They were shining, their bodies telling :
“Come, fuck me, cum over me”
The moment arrived
I finished my food and stay there some moment
Lost in my shorts
Then the phone rang
I felt
I felt from the chair
While I realized, once more
That hell
Is a place on Earth.

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