Days of summer are lost

Days pass in front my eyes
I’m becoming old, I’m forgetting how to feel
My heart is dying, turning in stone
There aren’t too much things that get me excited
Everything is old, I actually know it,
Or had lived it,
Or, it simply bores me now

I miss the old days
When I was a child or even a younger
And everything was new
And everything used to get me excited

I remember myself
Believing in God, going to church
And after the church to dance in some fetish club.
Girls were new
Music was new
The world was a new big adventure to get lost inside
And dream

But now, everything is old
And ghosts of my memories
Haunt my heart, Haunt my feelings
And so I know
That the days of summer are lost

9 thoughts on “Days of summer are lost

    • You are right, autumn and winter are my favorites time of the year … But, summer and spring feels younger, and warm, and are more “energetic”. Instead autumn and winter are more for a silent contemplation of the world.

      Thank you for read an commenting, I wish to have you back : )

    • Yes, the thing is that I need new emotions. When I was a teen everything was new, so everything excited me, but now, is like I know what to expect. I need something to wake me up of the adult monotony, new emotions, something that I don’t know yet.

      • Same for me. Im struggling to write because of that. Thats why i keep on going back to my memories and trying to evoke some emotion so i could create.

      • I totally understand you. I just get a bit bored of the day by day, you know, I only work and stay home, and 2 days a week I study … So, yes, it’s a really sedentary life. I did like to be a nomad, to travel all around the world when I pleased. I did like to be a gypsy.

  1. I miss the days when I had no responsibilities, just having a good time…but dammit, we all grow up ( beats the alternative) and we have to make our own excitement. Hugs, Leo!

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