My weekends are soooo funny

While normal people are getting drunk and Fucking in bathrooms,
I’m spending my nights at work … Yeah, my life is sooo funny

(… and with all the work, my bank account is still in red … Goddamit)

6 thoughts on “My weekends are soooo funny

  1. Didn’t know you worked weekends too Leo. I spend mine hiking and cooking. I find that more exciting than getting drunk and hooking up with randoms in bathrooms… but that’s just me. 😉

    • Actually, I haven’t a single day free : Monday and Sunday I study, and from Tuesday to Saturday I work. Friday I work at night (23 to 7) and Saturday I work at nun (15 to 23) …

      I’m glad to know you don’t get drunk and do nasty stuff. My example was a bit extreme, but, well, it is the way I write …

      • Wow, you’re super duper busy! 😦

        I do get drunk, but sex here comes very easy in Hollywood/LA. I just prefer to want someone’s heart instead. It’s a preference, I don’t think either way is wrong. We all want different things and I would never judge someone for wanting something different from me.

      • I want to love someone, too, I care about sex, but, sex without feelings is just masturbation, it is childish …

        I hate getting drunk, I like to drink, and I enjoy with alcohol, the problem is that when I start to drink, I just can’t stop, while my friends drink 1 beer I’m in my 3rd, and, well, after some more I turn to be an asshole and a vandal, that is what loose control do to me, and that’s the main reason I don’t like to be drunk, I had learned from experience …

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