Nothing to hide, some words about my poetry

Yes, I cry !
Yes, I’m a loser with no talent playing the poet and the artsy !
Yes, I will not stop doing that !
(Not stop Writing)
My screams are harsh
So everyone can hear them
I’m not ashamed of my pain
I’ll let you know when I’m suffering,
But when I’m happy
We will go drink together
And burn down the bar.
I have nothing to hide,
I have
So bring me another whiskey
And then, bring me the gun
I will fill it with words
And shot bleeding verses
To your heart.

11 thoughts on “Nothing to hide, some words about my poetry

  1. Never stop. Quien sabe, eventualmente, alguien te descubra, te hagas famosisimo y te lluevan mujeres interesantes por todas partes. Y quien sabe, una de ellas, podria ser el amor que esperas.

  2. Let’s drain the bar and set the town on fire. Let’s walk with no shoes and dance like there is no tomorrow.
    You write so well, it always evokes so much emotion in me.

  3. It are these lines that tell me you are gifted with emotions and honesty that must be exposed. I lift my glass (and my song) to you Leo! ❤

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