05/11/13 (4th log)

It sucks !!!  I worked all night, came back to my house at 7:30 AM, went to sleep at 8 AM, could get asleep at 10 AM, and now, being 12:15 AM I’m fully awake. Yes, it sucks !!! Too much noise from the street, they are making constructions just-next-to-my-house. And the noise, the noise is unbearable. More sad, tonight I work again. Even more sad (but with a bit of happiness), my aunt is coming to Israel. She is arriving in another 5 or 6 hours, so I need to go with my mom to wait for her at the airport. This isn’t a bad thing, it is more than 1 year that I don’t see my aunt, and the thing that she is coming, it’s something good. Buuut, it could be even better if I could sleep properly, or, at last, not work at night.

Anyway, remember yesterday that I wrote that I was searching for a girl in the net, and that she actually answers me … well, forget about that, she stopped answer. Yeah, simply like that. I’m a bit of desperate for some love ? Can it be ? Oh, God … it sucks … too.

Ok, I’ll go to download all the Spawn comics and continue reading Cable and American Vampire. Actually, I think I’ll watch another episode of Star Trek : The Next Generation (first season), and another Doctor Who (first season).

Well, that’s all for now.

See you around, folks.

4 thoughts on “05/11/13 (4th log)

    • Jej, yes, I don’t even know her, just saw some pics of her in the net, actually, in a site called okcupid, and exchanged some messages. In this site I found my ex-girlfriend. It feels weird to search for a partner in the net, just seeing some pictures and exchanging virtual words. But, I don’t know where to search. I work alone, and I don’t socialize too much, I get out with the same people every time, and I don’t believe in finding love in a pub. Plus, that I stopped going to party’s. So …

      Well, thank you for reading. Hugs.

      I need some decent sleep …

  1. try to live in the PRESENT, here and now… even though it’s hard! we can’t change, modify or improve our past, we all have to move on, recalling that each negative or frustrating past experience or error will have a positive influence upon our present and our near future… good luck, stay optimistic and remember: everything does happen for a reason in life… 🙂 cheers! Mélanie

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