Urban Landscape ( this city full of love)

Emo’s are dead,
Hipster’s too,
Goths and punks in the
Metalheads vomiting the
Fashion people
stinking the streets with their
Colorful clothes and
their trendy poses,
Some homeless that nobody cares
With half a leg and
covered with leprosy,
The old lady with her tiny dogs
That looks like rats
Only that rats are more honest,
The omnibus that pass by the street
Full of teenagers making noise
Trying to get to their schools
While the bus driver
Thinks about that blonde 16 years old
with the miniskirt
Sitting in the back,
Mothers with children
Some of the mothers looking good
Their husbands working their asses off
The woman thinking about the gardener’s cock,
The children playing free,
running, having fun
And the weirdo in the dark
having a hard-on watching
Those innocent bodies
The cats snooping in the trash
Seeking for some rotten fish head,
There a robbery at the store
While the police is looking
to the other side,
Some illegal immigrant pass by my side
His eyes full of fear,
And in the corner
The whores selling their bodies
Some of them for a dose of crack
Some of them ’cause
they are unemployed.
The bold fat boss with
his gold rings driving
his Mercedes
And the blonde with big tits giving him
a blowjob,
While I think :
Damn, 5 years without a fuck
and this fat motherfucker
Making these piece of ass.
And I laugh and think
A poem
This city full of love.

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